Being Misfitwanderer



Ok… So right now I’m still drafting about me. Well actually nothing interesting about who I am in this generation. Yeah I Am not that super genius, intelligent human being here. I’m just here to blog to share my thoughts, my ideas, the words I can’t express to some people I know, and of course, share my little adventure with this kind of my personality. Well yeah I am completely plain anyway.

So I hope when I finish to describe things about me…. Well I don’t know guys. Haha.

For your lucky information… Yeah yeah I usually say something about me first on my blog posts or maybe not. Well you have an idea already how lazy person I am! Hahaha. All I can say all my blog posts really described about me. hey! Proud Cebuana here! So maybe I can’t do any more drafts about me!

I am not a writer by profession here but a writer from my own self proclaim world. Happy reading!


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